Face to Face, Telephone and Skype Sessions

The Bamworth Approach to counselling, psychotherapy and specialist mentoring has been specifically designed with the ‘apprehension of having therapy’ in mind and therefore adopts a more contemporary approach intended to alleviate any discomfort felt during the initial stages of therapy. For your convenience as well as face to face sessions there is also the option of having sessions via telephone or Skype video link making it easy for you to access therapy from home, workplace or a location of your choice. Telephone and online video sessions have been proven to be just as effective as being seen face to face because they provide the same therapeutic result.

The Bamworth Approach offers brief counselling, long term or open ended psychotherapy and flexible specialist mentoring sessions to cater to the specific needs of the individual concerned:

Brief or Short Term Counselling
This consists of 6 - 20 sessions and involves focusing mainly on the predominant problem at hand. It can be very helpful for dealing with anxiety, anger issues, bereavement, mild to moderate depression and relationship problems. Please seeHow Counselling Helpspage for more details.

Long Term Psychotherapy
This is particularly helpful for complex and deep seated difficulties or for those interested in long term psychoanalytic exploration. Duration is 20 weeks onwards with sessions taking place on the same day and same time each week. Please seeHow Psychotherapy Helpspage for more details.

Open Ended Psychotherapy
Sessions are ongoing - from several months to several years. Individuals experiencing recurrent depressive episodes, persistent grief, complex relationship problems and trauma may benefit from open ended therapy. Sessions take place on the same day and same time each week. Please seeHow Psychotherapy Helps page for more details.

Specialist Mentoring
This is largely solution based and helpful for those requiring a little guidance on ‘how to cope more effectively’ with any difficulties they are experiencing at the time. Sessions are flexible and can be booked as and when required. Please seeHow Specialist Mentoring Helpspage for more details.

Availability and Booking a Session
Sessions are available from Monday to Friday, mornings and evenings and on Saturday morning only. To book a session please call ☎ 07422 382 044 or you can send an e-mail to therapy@thebamworthapproach.co.uk. *Please note due to high demand it may not always be possible to offer an immediate appointment but every endeavour will be made to offer one as soon as it becomes available.

Cancellation Policy
Please note that it is not customary to provide a refund once payment has been made if the session is cancelled. However, if adequate notice is provided of 72 hours or more it may be possible to reschedule the session depending on availability.

Confidentiality and Privacy
Sessions are strictly confidential and private including any records kept which are protected under the Data Protection Act, and only disclosed to a third party if requested by the courts for legal reasons. In compliance with the ethical framework of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, therapists are required to undertake regular professional supervision. Any client details shared with a supervisor are fully disguised and treated as strictly confidential. The only other time details may be shared with a third party is if a client expresses a specific desire to harm themselves or another. They are then advised to immediately contact their General Practitioner and informed it is necessary to pass the information on to the relevant body for their own safety.

Fees and Payment
The cost of the sessions are from £70.00 - £80.00 depending on the day and time. Please see ‘Fees’ on ‘FAQ’ page for a full breakdown. Payment can be made via Bank Transfer, Cash or Paypal with details provided when you book your first session. Please note for telephone or Skype sessions payment is required in advance.

Initial Consultation Session
An initial consultation session is helpful especially if you are intending to have long term psychotherapy. It provides you with the opportunity to go through the finer details and discuss any concerns you may have. It is not required that an immediate decision be made there and then to commence therapy, this can be done at a later date in time if preferred.

Please note The Bamworth Approach does not in any shape or form whatsoever purport to act as a cure for any mental health condition. It is a mode of therapeutic support that helps to alleviate symptoms that occur with various mental health conditions or psychological distress. If your specific difficulty or mental health condition is severe in nature it is advisable you immediately contact your General Practitioner for advice.


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