With the constant demands and pressure society places on the individual today, more and more people are beginning to suffer from anxiety. Life has become extremely fast paced moving at a much faster speed than ever before. For many, there is little time for relaxation. Constantly being or feeling under pressure can lead to the development of anxiety and it can present itself in various ways. Those affected often put it down to simply feeling irritable so do not seek help at the initial stages. Many also feel too embarrassed to talk about how they feel preferring to deal with symptoms on their own. It is not always initially clear as to what the root cause(s) of anxiety might be. It could just be that some are more naturally pre-disposed to it than others. However, for many, developing anxiety could be the result of having to lead a very hectic life to the point that their mental well-being ultimately begins to suffer.

The most common symptoms of anxiety are:

Anxiety can present itself in childhood or later on in life, affecting both young and old alike. Some probable causes are:

Worrying about things is perfectly natural but when it becomes excessive, the effects can have a debilitating impact on both mental and physical well-being. Anxiety can rob the individual of a zest for life, making them feel dissatisfied, trapped or stuck in a rut. Sufferers may also experience frequent bouts of anger and depending on the individual, this is either repressed or may become explosive, further perpetuating symptoms of anxiety and leading to a vicious cycle. Having counselling or specialist mentoring can help to combat symptoms. Just being able to talk to a professional who understands your fears and worries can in itself be a cathartic experience and help relieve psychological distress. The hope is that over time, anxiety levels will gradually begin to fall, thereby making it much easier to cope with the demands and pressure of today’s very hectic lifestyle.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. I do that every day. Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, It’s a sign of strength.”
- Barack Obama


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