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The Bamworth Approach is an eclectic blend and multi-dimensional approach that adopts a contemporary and flexible style to providing Counselling and Psychotherapy. It has been specifically designed for those seeking therapy for the first time and find the idea of this a little disconcerting, so offers a softer form of therapy during the initial stages to help ease you gently into the sessions until you are ready to explore matters further. The aim is to help you deal with what you can handle at that particular point in time as opposed to delving straight into what is referred to in psychoanalysis as 'the unknown - the unconscious mind'. This is the part of the mind that is not readily accessible but tends to control our emotions and thoughts from 'behind the scenes' and influences the decisions we make. The Bamworth Approach also caters for those who have prior experience of being in therapy and are seeking help for complex and deep seated difficulties from the onset.

The Bamworth Approach in addition to counselling and psychotherapy, offers Specialist Mentoring for those who do not wish to have therapy but are struggling with issues like anxiety, stress or specific mental health issues e.g. Bipolar Disorder, Psychosis or Schizophrenia and finding it difficult to deal with the various challenges every day life tends to throw at us. Specialist mentoring is also very helpful for those with Aspegers Syndrome or Autism depending on the severity of the condition. Mentoring differs from Counselling and Psychotherapy in that it is instructive in nature and offers a variety of 'Coping Strategies' to help focus the mind thereby helping to promote a greater sense of well-being which in turn can lead to an increase in creativity and productivity.

Choice of Therapy

Short term Counselling, Long term or Open-ended Psychotherapy and Specialist Mentoring available.


All sessions are completely confidential and non-judgemental. Call today to speak to a qualified Therapist about your problem(s) without fear of judgement.

Telephone and Video

Easy access to sessions via telephone or skype video link allowing you to talk to a Therapist from the convenience of your own home.


Sessions are available six days a week from Monday to Saturday - early morning, evening and late night sessions also available.

If you are experiencing any of the issues below, feeling overwhelmed with having to juggle so many things at once or stuck in a rut and looking for some direction, then perhaps Counselling, Psychotherapy or Specialist Mentoring can help you.


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Relationship problems

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